Tracklist/Description: Whoever thought by wrapping up 2020, things will head back to normal quickly, might have been on the wrong track. 2021 will continue to be a challenging year for everyone around the globe, DJs and producers alike. Still no reason to stick our heads in the sand, but rather stay optimistic, use the break for inspiration and keep looking forward to better times ahead.

 To support you in staying positive, we are bringing in our buddies Josh Canallie & NVNDO for the 2021 opening of our podcast series. Josua und Nando are two music enthusiasts out of tranquil Mönchengladbach in Germany’s industrial region north rhine-westphalia. Their combination of German and Spanish roots merges into a colorful mix of personality, which is also reflected in the sound they play and produce. Their sets can be barley put in one drawer, reaching from UK breakout to minimal to micro house. 

 Throughout the last years the duo was touring major cities around Germany and Europe, such as Düsseldorf, Cologne, Berlin, London, Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona. No matter if at clubs, festivals or diverse radio shows, one thing is for sure: there is always a certain state of emergency wherever they set foot.

 Beginning of 2018 the duo kicked off their party series XYZ underground together with buddy DJ Tapesh. Since then, their brand has steadily become more and more popular within the community and it’s hard to imagine how things would look without. 

Artists like Rossko, Fabe, KoKo, The Willers Brothers, Djoko, Toman & Casey Spillmann are counted as family and feel deeply rooted in their parties, regularly coming back to step behind the decks. 

In 2020 they started to establish their brand not only by organizing parties but as a same name label as well. The intention behind the label was to give up and coming artists and producers an opportunity to grow and reach new audiences. 

For Loser Records the duo recorded this wonderful deep'n'groovie housemix, spreading good mood, when all of us need it most.

 We say thank you for opening our podcast series within the new year and can’t wait to share decks once the pandemic has settled. --- Loser Podcast is an ongoing series of Podcasts of family, friends and artists we simply admire. --- Artist info:
28 January 2021
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