Tracklist/Description: Furney - Beyond Time [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Visages - About You feat Laville [1985] Paul SG - Grande feat David Holness [Jazzsticks] Calibre - You Could Dance [Signature] Soul Connection - Too Soon [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] mSdoS - Sweet Memories (soulTec Remix) [Liquid Drumz] Simple Souls + Link - One Rock [Liquid V] Calibre - Hustlin feat DRS [Signature] Channell - Like That [Liquid Lab] Ben Soundscape - Take It Down [Intrigue] Cutworx - Words [forthcoming Influence] Mister Shifter - The Sum Of Us [Flight Pattern] Furney - Midnight Soul [Soul Deep] Calibre + Zero T - What I Feel feat Myrrh-ce [Signature] Anile - No Code [Footnotes] Madcap - You [Soul Deep] Alibi - Uneasy [V] Furney - Charlottes Song [Sheer Velocity]
17 August 2020
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