Tracklist/Description: Spectacularly closing out Cityfox LIVE on Saturday, February 29th, was none other than the duo Schwarzmann (Frank Wiedemann and Henrik Schwarz) featuring a guest performance from Chicago house legend Robert Owens. The former, two well-respected live acts of the world-renowned Innervisions label, coming together as one and the latter, a product of the Chicago music scene since before the day house music was born. Relive the culmination of the night with this splendid two-hour mix featuring masters of their craft. Kicking off their jam with a jazzy start, Frank and Henrik faced each other from across their tables of synthesizers, soundboards and other equipment, encircled by lasers and lights, with their body movements synchronized to the sounds they were unleashing upon an eager and packed Great Hall. That night, Schwarzmann enlightened the room to the true meaning of house music in more ways than one. While Henrik Schwarz and Frank Wiedemann have graced our Cityfox events several times over the years, they rarely play together as Schwarzmann stateside, let alone alongside Robert Owens - making this performance a special aural treat for the Cityfox audience and Schwarzmann fans alike. The jazz undertones continued throughout the energetic set with articulations of saxophone, piano, trumpet, and organ brilliantly weaved in, and also included the sprinkling of hit classics such as one of Frank’s productions (as Ame), “Rej,” a fan-favorite that aroused cheers from the crowd. Robert Owens commanded stage presence from the moment he walked on, effortlessly working the crowd and the mic, spreading the message of love at the same time while Henrik and Frank provided the beat in the background. Telepathically in sync, the three friends picked up jamming and singing easily from where they left off the last time they played together, with only a short rehearsal between them since. Robert’s enigmatic smile and his words mixed with Schwarzmann's closing melodies provided a grand finale to remember for a Cityfox night of world-class LIVE electronic music.
07 August 2020
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