Tracklist/Description: We're proud to present the next episode of Intelligent Music Podcast with excellent deep and atmospheric drum & bass mix from talented finnish producer and DJ Ilkka Kurkela a.k.a. Mineral. He is inspired by drum & bass sound since the mid of 90's and has released the tracks on well-known labels as Med School Music, Lightless Recordings, In Da Jungle, LAOS Recordings, Trust In Music, Mastik Netlabel and others. Ilkka also actively collaborates with other Finnish musicians: Resound, Fanu and Esc. We found out about him 8 years ago, with the competition by the Knowledge Magazine, when his remixes of the tracks by Seba and Blu Mar Ten sounded among hundreds of other works. Our joy from finding such a nugget was soon reinforced by his other tracks, which are always melodic and musical, but the same time have a completely dance floor tinge. In January 2020 on our Soundcloud feed drops his new outstanding promo mix and since that time we have an idea to book this musician for record one of the episodes of Intelligent Music Podcast. And now here it is! Deep and atmospheric, sublime mix by Mineral with some favorites and his own tunes including dubplates and forthcoming works already in our speakers and headphones. Let's flight! 01. @Synkro - Automatic Response [@Apollo-Records 2017] > @DJ-Mineral & Sapphire - A Star's Dream (dub) 02. @EscBreaks - Amuri Dawn (dub) 03. @LynxDnB - Omnilon [@DetailRecordings 2017] 04. @Sunchase - Keyring [Drone Audio / @CaminoBlue 2010] 05. @DJ-Mineral - Deep Thoughts (dub) 06. @Seathasky - Beauty Made In Small Pieces [@Mav / Scientific Records 2018] 07. @TokyoProse - Lift You Up (feat. Steo) [@TheNorthQuarter 2018] 08. Seba (@Secret-Operations) - Close To You [@SpearheadRecords 2018] 09. @DJ-Mineral - Living The Dream [@In-Da-Jungle-Audio 2013] 10. @MusicMonika - Shortwave [none60 Records / @SilentDust 2019] 11. @MisterMuon - Troposphere [@OmniMusicUK 2018] 12. @DJ-Mineral - Back Then [@In-Da-Jungle-Audio 2013] 13. @Marc-Pariah & Eschaton - Motive [@OmniMusicUK 2018] 14. @Naibu - Red Hand [@HorizonsMusic 2018] 15. @BluMarTen - Keep It Together (feat. @Robert-Manos) (@CalibreSignature Remix) [@BluMarTen 2018] 16. @DJ-Mineral - One Still Remains (@Defence Remix) [@In-Da-Jungle-Audio 2013] 17. @QloqGhost - The Orb [@SublimateRecords 2016] 18. @EscBreaks & @DJ-Mineral - Soul Toucher (feat. Reeta Makinen) [@MedShoolMusic 2018] @dj-mineral -- Photo: Anton Jankovoy (c) Art: @nwavemusic
04 August 2020
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