Tracklist/Description: Mister Twister started collecting vinyl and dj-ing in 1993. Originally a Hip Hop-Head, his love for music led him to venture into different musical fields and tempos within all things Breakbeat & basslines, eventually being bitten by the Drum&Bass bug in the early 2000s. Together with his brother Simstah he released a varied palette of tracks as Konfront.Audio on different labels such as Fokuz or Soul Deep to name but a few, whilst DJing at major Swiss events. In 2018 his old love for a more chilled out, more headnod sound got him back to experiment in the studio and on the turntables to get back the vibes that got him onto this in the first place. In this special edition he‘s showcasing a wide spread selection of current favorites. From downbeat and hip hop to electronica and soul. TRACKLIST: 01 - Frenic: Supernatural Aid (skit) 02 - Hanne Adam: Trust Hope - Trippin Jaguar Remix 03 - Peace Orchestra: Meister Petz 04 - Jimi Jules feat. JAW: Too Young for Me 05 - Tosca: Ananas 06 - Leifur James: Red Sea 07 - 24-Carat Black: Good Love Gone - Jeremy Sole Edit 08 - Eddie Kendricks: Keep On Truckin' - Paul Nice Potown Reflip 09 - Emapea: B-Boy Theme 10 - Kill Emil: Transformations 11 - Dojo Cuts: Out Sounds From Way In - Instrumental 12 - Dojo Cuts: Ain't Got No Reason 13 - DJ Cerk & Adel Toumi: Breath 14 - Kjell Anderson: Mercer St. 15 - Gummy Soul: 93 Til Infinty - Remix Instrumental 16 - Channel Two: Jazz Move 17 - Donald Byrd: Wind Parade - King Most Redirection 18 - Rae & Christian: Divine Sounds 19 - The Mouse Outfit: Repeat (feat. Dubbul O, Sparkz & Ellis Meade) 20 - Thievery Corporation: Bario Alto 21 - Emapea: Roundabout 22 - Sola Rosa: Don't Leave Home 23 - Ash Walker: Bongo Legs
04 August 2020
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