Tracklist/Description: Download Subscribe to this podcast via Apple Podcasts Check out our latest label releases + free downloads at @samruffillo is one of our favourite upcoming producers, pushing a delightfully jazzy, soulful, organic deep house sound that oozes class. Hailing from Bologna, he’s making waves rapidly through releases on Toy Tonics, Boogie Cafe and IRMA, and we predict big things for him. His music is laced with hazy keys, trumpets, flutes and all manner of warm and groovy sounds, with live instrumentation from the man himself and his friends decking out his very solid grooves. From the lounge to the dance floor, he impresses at every turn. *How would you describe your sound?* I’d say it’s somewhere between deep, lounge and colorful house music. I’m obsessed by grooves so I hope my sound would be described as a groovy one :) *What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*  I draw inspiration from genres such as jazz, afro funk, soul and disco... all kind of Black music basically but also by French touch, Italian music from the ‘70s and ‘90s hip-hop. I’m very much into art as well, especially renaissance and contemporary art inspire me the most. *Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?* It represents the last couple years of studio work and releases. It feels good to have all my productions in one mix, I can feel the growth and the improvement, and it makes me proud! Tracklist: Sam Ruffillo - Through The Garden - IRMA Records Haze City - My Life (Sam Ruffillo Remix) - Cassè Records Astratto & Brine - Break It Down (Sam Ruffillo Remix) - Ragoo Records Sam Ruffillo - Playa Bola - Toy Tonics Sam Ruffillo - Night Out With You - IRMA Records Sam Ruffillo - Luv Bandito - Boogie Cafè Sam Ruffillo - U Make Me Sing - Boogie Cafè Sam Ruffillo - Midnight Funk - Toy Tonics Sam Ruffillo - Ride My Bike feat. Kosmo Kint - Toy Tonics Sam Ruffillo - Surf Wave - Toy Tonics Brine vs Sam Ruffillo - Request Line - Boogie Cafè Turenne - Hotel De Ville (Sam Ruffillo Remix) - Funclab Records Black & Brown - Ibrahim (Sam Ruffillo Remix) - IRMA Records
31 August 2020
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