Tracklist/Description: So sad and so strange days in clubs here in Prague. :( One DJ, favorite vinyls, massive sound, technical support and... Boiler Room without dancers. So funny... Enjoy my Chapeau Rouge Quarantine session from April 30 2020. Inigo Vontier - Awaken (feat Drugface) Mordisco - "Odissi" (Applescal remix) Joseph Ashworth – Expectation Blutch - "La Cite Des Etoiles" Mordisco – Ventura Lohhki Terra meets Dele Sosimi - "Cubafro" (Armonica remix) Pote - "Jacquot (Waters Of Praslin)" Emmanuel Jal - "Loje Bome" (Jonathan Kaspar remix) Vitorijoski - "The Voice Of Barbaros" Gigi Testa - "Message Version" Fabrizio Fattore - "Enuma" Anna Wall / Corbi – DAT 3 Brother Nebula - "Parting Infinity" Jamie Blanco – Progressive View Marlon Hoffstadt – Into The Deeper Vibe Blutch – Beau Rivage Thanks to DJ Neighbour for invitation, legen... wait for it ...dary Petr K for cameras, lights effects and jokes, Chapeau Rouge crew for drinks, DJ Rescue for brilliant mastering and music from my favorite producers and record labels. Much appreciate it and C ya soon live! <3
20 August 2020
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