Tracklist/Description: ~ Esteban Adame [USA] ~ Esteban Adame is not your daily average bedroom dj but a seasoned and respected producer who has been in the game for more than 20 years now, and has already stroked the decks of the most prestigious clubs (Moog, fabric or Berghain). Still doesn’t ring a bell? Remember the spotless podcast he recorded for Resident Advisor two years ago, which made everyone unanimously agree on his talent including Spencer Parker and Byron The Aquarius. Hailing from the strong Latino community of East Los Angeles, he began his career playing in local backyard parties before expeditiously establishing influential and lasting connexions with the Motor City. 2004 was a watershed year when his phone abruptly rang with “Mad” Mike Banks from Underground Resistance (UR) on the line asking him to lend a helping hand to Galaxy 2 Galaxy and Los Hermanos live acts as a keyboardist. His musical imprint brilliantly oscillates between jazz, latin, house and techno jams with specific know-how. You might also know him as “Frequencia”, the alias under which he indulges in his darker side producing delicious fast-banging techno, or as half of the smoking-hot “El Coyote” project with his longstanding UR mate DJ DEX / Nomadico. People, listen very carefully; this is house music done very properly. During fifty minutes, Esteban immerges ourselves in a gripping and nostalgic trip, digging timeless 90s house vibes from Rick Wade, Kerri Chandler or Jovonn. His set definitely corroborates that house music will never die. Esteban Adame’s latest crush: “Recording to 4-track. I forgot how much fun that is!” Our team’s recommendations: Unofficial Discourse (Los Hermanos Remix) [Dolly], I’ll Never Give Up [Underground Quality], Mayan Basement [Mister Saturday Night Records] s. // @estebanadame f. //
05 August 2020
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