Operon live Promo Mix 2009

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1. 'Acoustic Labyrinth' (golden orb records)
2. 'Old Timer' (fokuz recordings dub)
3. 'Inch by Inch' (covert operations records)
4. 'Lorien' feat' LM1 (covert operations records)
5. 'Heartbroken' feat' ICR (vibez recordings dub)
6. 'Pure Energy' feat' Crix (unsigned)
7. 'Light It Up' feat' ATP (fokuz recordings dub)
8. 'Whats the Soul' (vibez recordings dub)
9. 'Electrons' (fokuz recordings dub)
10. 'String Theory' (mind inside records)
11. 'Kobayashi' (golden orb records dub)
12. 'Science' feat' Silent Shadow (camino blue records dub)
13. 'Broken rules' feat' Stunna & kubatko (golden orb records dub)
14. 'Supernova' (fokuz recordings dub)
15. 'It is What it isnt' (mind inside records)
16. 'Crazy Nights' feat' LM1 (midnight sun records dub)