Scotty Mac - Jazz Junkie (20-Sep-2009)

Scotty Mac | Jazz Junkie by Scotty Mac

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A continuous DJ mix by Scotty Mac featuring deep, jazz-drenched house, traditional jazz, etc.
Miles Davis - Interview*
Love J - Front Man
Adagio - Full Of Grace
Sunny Jones - Discipline
Kevin Yost - Know Your Jazz
Kevin Yost - Get The Horns
Junk & Funk - Special Unit
Black Fuse - Mission At Hand
Square Playa - Square Playa
Ray Clark Quartet - Emotional Groove
Brooke Harper & Kevin Yost - Jazz Is
Solar House - Magic Of The City
Neuroxyde & Doomwork - Jazzy Stuff
Tuccillo - Jazzy Thing
Love J - Front Man
Ekkohaus - Thursday Morning
Adagio - Full Of Grace
Matthew Bandy - Collecting My Groove
Ekkohaus - First Time
Mr.V - Breakers Time
Adonis & Jihad Muhammad - No Way Back
Ekkohaus - Old Friends
Random Heroes - C'mon And Get It
Gerardo Frisina - Tokyo Dream
23 September 2009
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