Tracklist/Description: A new edition in our podcast series by Harry Wolfman and Loz Goddard. Their new EP is out now and available in our shop -> Tracklist: Herbie Hancock - Rockit Blood Orange - Uncle ACE Harry Wolfman - Y'sul's Ball Funkyjaws - Party Train DJ Vas - Wizard Funk Fouk - Freeboater (Harry Wolfman Remix) Frits Wentink - Q&A Harry Wolfman - Stromboli Harry Wolfman & Loz Goddard - Sundays Auslander - First Contact IMYRMIND - Number Seven Hodini - Der Pfirsich (with Glenn Astro) Jonna - Music For People Harry Wolfman & Loz Goddard - Problem Child Martin Hayes - Tight Spot Chaos in The CBD - Similar Stories Brad Coleman - Deep Down Moony Me - Pink Mastiff
16 February 2016
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