Tracklist/Description: Studio mix, 1210's, vinyl. Liquid dnb, intelligent dnb, soulful n jazzy, Bukem inspired soundz with some badarse wah wah basslines and steppin beatz. Tracks from 1997 to ~2007. Very partial track listing 0:00 - Brown paper bag (dub mix) - Roni Size 20:46 - Magic - High Contrast 1:07:59 - Maximus - Original Mix - Calibre Others include Liquid V, Full cycle, Drop it down, Nookie, Moving shadow, Dillinja, MetalHeadz, Prototype, you get the idea. Forgive the odd dodgy mix, I did this mix some years after I stopped djing professionally so I was a bit rusty and some of those mixes aren't easy (too many vocals and treble). If you produced or own the rights to any of these tracks and want them removed just let me know in the comments and it will be removed.
05 February 2016
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