Tracklist/Description: 1. Where and how was the podcast recorded? Mannmademusic: At home in my studio with my DJ setup mixture of vinyl and digital. 2. Your favorite release of the month? Mannmademusic: So hard to pick something as the favourite but I'm digging the new rhythm section release by Chaos In The CBD. Nice deep stuff! 3. Plans for the nearest future? Mannmademusic: Always working on something I suppose. Got a track and a remix on a forthcoming 12" on Boogie Cafe Records not sure on release dates. The rest is all is all still in the works for a few different labels. 4. How do you spend your free time? Mannmademusic: Well as a parent now that's my free time gone. Still get to make some music now and again... And watch my football team Sunderland disappoint me every week, ha-ha.
10 October 2016
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