Tracklist/Description: Originally aired June 19, 2017 *this set was recorded live so there will be no tracklist. If you want to know the ID of a track please ask in the comments and I or Dave Allison will do our best to give you that info. Welcome to EP135 of the NDYD Radio Show. This week we have a very special guest from my hometown of Montreal, Canada and his second appearance on the radio show: The one and only Dave Allison (@dave-allison). Dave's signature sound of slow-motion disco grooves and crossover deep house appeal has caught attention worldwide. Dave has released music on over forty labels around the world, such as,: Kolour, Disco Deviance, Om, Compost, Ubiquity, Midnight Riot and Editorial Records. Dave brings a ton of energy to his live DJ performances, blending raw disco grooves, atmospheric deepness and crisp beats with precision. He is in high demand for guest mixes around and the world as well and always delivers on vibe and technical skill. Witness his magic yourself with this exclusive 2 hour guest mix that was recorded live in Montreal. Enjoy and give Dave some love on: Soundcloud: @dave-allison Facebook: Check out Dave's first appearance on the NDYD Radio Show on EP84: Catch the show live on at these world times -GMT(London) Mondays 11pm -PST (Los Angeles) Mondays 3pm -EST (New York) Mondays 6pm -SGT (Singapore) Tuesdays 7am -AEST (Sydney) Tuesdays 10am
21 June 2017
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