Tracklist/Description: Nrd Fce - Testament [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Javano - Still Life [Celsius] Sabre, Stray + Halogenix - Oblique feat Frank Carter III [Critical] Redeyes - If Only You Knew [Prestige] Furney - Made To Love You [Sheer Velocity] Madcap - Things I Do [Creative Wax] Satl - Ayo [Soul Trader] Oliver Ferrer - Amen + Love (Lynx Remix) [Luv Disaster] FD - Through [CIA] Eveson - Get Your Swerve On [Integral] L Side - No Sound feat DRS [V] Greekboy + Tim Cant - Deep Screams [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Satl - Forward Thinking (Calibre Remix) [Fokuz] Human Nature + Critical Event - Untold Stories (Satl Remix) [Atmomatix Records] Subsid - Satisfied [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Subsid + mSdoS - Revenge [forthcoming Sheer Velocity] Loz Contreras - Keep On Keeping On [Digital Blus] Zed Bias - Give Up The Ghost (Calibre Remix) [Exit] Nymfo - Game Of Love [CIA] Subsid - Empty Saddles [Sheer Velocity] Velocity - The Tower Of Druaga [Sheer Velocity] Calibre - Running [Signature] Total Science + FD - Found A Reason Why [CIA] Electro Soulsystem + Satl - Satless [Absys] Flaco + Glen E Ston - The Girl Can Move [Sheer Velocity]
10 April 2018
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