Tracklist/Description: We introduce our new podcast series with a sensational mix from Berlin-based dj & producer...Siggatunez. In this mix, Siggatunez takes us on a trip through some jazzy, deep, disco house tracks featuring productions from Folamour, Flabaire, Heist Recordings and an original track from his label, Tieffrequent. Enjoy! @siggatunez -- TRACK LIST -- 1. Siggatunez - Paranoia [Ourselves] 2. Never Dull - Jazzin' Disco [LTDWLBL] 3. Roman Rauch - Don't Know (IntrObeatz Doesn't Know Either Remix) [Secret Crunch] 4. Replika-Rolling Flavours [Tooman Records] 5. Gledd - Place From Space [Rose Records] 6. Unknown - Hands Up In The Air [Schatzi Edits] 7. Cassius feat. Pharrell - Get Up (Kolja Gerstenberg Remix) [Smile For A While] 8. Flabaire - Alpha 2 [Organic Music] 9. Sakro - Beautiful Music [Pleasure Zone] 10. Sello - Day By Day [Ourselves] 11. Jan Ketel & Siggatunez - Background [Tieffrequent] 12. Adryiano - Move It, Move It (Jamie 3:26 Remix) [Heist Recordings] 13. Folamour - Nights Over You (Jamie Trench Edit) [Roots For Bloom14] 14. Tangerine Dream - Trap Feeling [Virgin]
20 July 2018
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