Tracklist/Description: 'With this mix, I wanted to combine tracks that have drawn me in over the past few months, a few older mainstays in my collection and a couple of my own that seemed to fit the mood. To begin, I wanted to create a feeling of the anticipation that I associate with early summer, and then decided to go a bit more bass driven and euphoric as things progressed! I had loads of fun putting this together and I hope that you like it! London based Producer and DJ Memphis Glass is inspired by exploring interesting spaces between house, techno and bass music. Since his debut ‘Orange Circles’ EP on SITU Records in 2021, he has been steadily building a reputation for his deep sound that balances sweet melancholic melodies with driving drums and enveloping basslines. Remixes for both DJ Panthr and Greg May and his 2nd EP ‘Mechanics’ released on Finland based imprint Mood Of The Era have seen him establish a signature sound that makes his productions stand out as distinctly his own. I had an EP ‘Mechanics’ out on Mood Of The Era at the end of last year followed by a track called ‘Look Ahead’ in March on a new label called Rooms Inc. I have another EP out later this year plus a single on a VA and a couple of remixes. Love, Memphis Glass'
04 June 2024
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