Hosted by Matt Masters
1. Steve Ferrand - The Music Urbantoruqe
2. Rocco - Memories
3. Swell Session – Prepare to Go (Jimpster Dub)
4. Andy Cato-Cosmic Force (F.Dubois remix) Pack Up And Dance
5. Alex Attias pres. Mustang – (Attias Quarion Dub) Compost Black Label

Guest Nacho Marco
1. Doug Lazy "Let It Roll (Lazypella)" Atlantic
2. Nake Sharco "Python Cowgirls (Nacho Marco Remix)" Wasnotwas
3. Pete Dafeet "Lungs (Fred Everything Remix)" Lost My Dog
4. Office Gossip "Strangers" Winding Road
5. Will Saul & Tam Cooper "Out There" Simple
6. Marlon D "Dance 2 The Beat" Strictly Rythm
7. Redshape "Unfinished Symmetry" Present

Freerange Records Podcast with Nacho Marco (November 2007)
05 December 2007