Ben Watt & Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve (Errol Alkan and Richard Norris) - Buzzin Fly Show (25-Mar-2009) mirror mirror
"World exclusive of the new Buzzin Fly release: Manoo & Francois A - Today Is Tomorrow, new Dessous & lovely Fleetwood Mac re edit from Ben himself. Beyond The Wizards Sleeve provide this weeks Buzzin Fly Guest Mix."

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Part 1: Presented by Ben Watt / Playlist >>
Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (Musical Variation) (M.A.N.D.Y. & Smallboy Remix) - CDR
Discowboys - To The Mountain Top (Two Armadillos Remix) - Dessous
Fleetwood Mac - Brown Eyes (Ben's Re-Edit) - CDR
Manoo and Francois A - Today Is Tomorrow - Buzzin' Fly CDR
Solomun and Jackmate - Factory - Diynamic
Rae and Christian - Get A Life - CDR

Part 2: Selected by Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve (Errol Alkan and Richard Norris) / Playlist >>

The Third Mynd Mix - Let's Turn On The Power Of The Mynd - CDR
A BTWS Announcement - Garden Of My Mind - CDR
The Mickey Finn - An Uncanny World Of Your Mind - CDR
A BTWS Announcement - I Dig Your Mind – CDR
Rupert’s People - We'll Blow Your Mind - CDR
A BTWS Announcement - Blow Your Mind - CDR
The Pretty Things - The Mind Plays Strange Tricks - CDR
A BTWS Announcement - Colour Of Your - CDRMind – The Attack - CDR
Speaking My Mind – Taiconderoga - CDR
What Do You See In My Mind? – The Brew - CDR
Forest Of My Mind – Paul Parrish - CDR
In My Mind's Eye – Rameses and Selket - CDR
The Temple of The Expanded Mind - CDR
A BTWS Announcement - Say You Don't - CDRMind – Denny Laine - CDR
The Far Side Of Your Mind – The Fouth Way - CDR