Recloose Recloose - Bodytonic Podcast 032 (18-Mar-2009)

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"Slipping your demo CD into a sandwich belonging to Carl Craig is certainly a novel way to get your break. But it sure worked for New Zealander Matt Chicoine. The resultant 'So This Is The Dining Room' EP was the first in a decade-plus of interesting releases on a variety of labels that straddle the divide between techno, jazz, house, broken beat and soul. Much like his exclusive Bodytonic podcast..."

DJ Sun - Free (Alternate Take Records)
Hanna - The Stylehouse (Deeply Crafted)
Nebraska - My Father (Remix) (Rush Hour)
Omar S - Blown Valvetrain (Sound Signature)
Basic Bastard - The Funk (Voorn Kollektiv)
Gemini - Z-Funk (Peacefrog)
The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Henrik Schwarz Remix) (Juno)
Recloose - Can It Be (Mark Flash Remix) (Test)
Adam Marshall - Thelon (Todd Sines Remix) (Music Man)
Wipe The Needle - I Made It (Raw Fusion)
Altered Natives - Rass Out (Fresh Minute)
Jesse's Gang - Real Love Dub (Jes Say)
Detrechno - Soulwaves (K7)
Shake Aletti - The Way He Does (Test)
Traxx - JuzJak (Nation)
Pimps of Joytime - My Gold (Chico Man Remix) (Wonderwheel)
Dan Electro - He Gives It To You (Soulab)
Cosmic Force - Ghetto Dope (Kenny Dope Remix) (Truth and Soul)
Steel n Skin - Afro Punk Reggae Dub (Honest Jon's)
The Minority Band - Tasty Tune (PPU)
18 March 2009