Ravestuff: Thanks for sitting down with us today. Matt and Karen, how
did you first become customers of Ravestuff.com?
Matt: We googled “glow bracelets” online, and found this site to be
the most reliable, affordable, and customer-friendly.

Ravestuff: Can you tell us about your first purchase with us?
Karen: I’ll take that one. We were planning a surprise birthday
party for our seven year old son at a nearby laser tag/arcade center.
You know how kids love those. One thing we, as well as the other
parents, were concerned about was how to make sure the kids with our
party were each safe and accounted for. Then Matt came up with the
creative idea of putting colorful glow bracelets on each of the kids’ arms so we could easily identify them!

Ravestuff: Would you say you were satisfied with the products?
Absolutely. Anytime there’s a children’s event in the afternoon
or nighttime, we suggest that the grow bracelet idea be used. And of
course, Ravestuff.com is the place to get them .
If you’re a responsible parent, like Matt and Karen, who often worries
about children being out late at night, check out our endless variety
of glow accessories here at Ravestuff.com. With our fun and
child-friendly glow products, you’ll never have to worry about your
kids getting lost in the dark again!

23 May 2009
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