Scribbler: Future Thinkin (26-Jul-2009)

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The highly talented and world renowned Future Thinkin crew hit us with a deep mix full of rollers. D.M Cut & Danny Exile in the mix with MC Shylo.
Mirror - Rufige Kru vs D Bridge [Metalheadz]
Imagine - KDC & Roller [Unsigned]
Cold Front - ST Files [Soul:R]
Miller - Blocks & Escher [Digital Soundboy]
Hard Times - Calibre [V Records]
Nothing's Changed - Stereotype [Unsigned]
Green Light Beauty - Stereotype [Unsigned]
Perfect Storm - Sable Gray [Unsigned]
Get Some - Die & Break [Clear Skyz]
Meet Me In My Shadow - Undersound [Future Thinkin Dub]
Someday Somewhere - Rufige Kru [Metalheadz]
Saved By The Bell - PLK [Unsigned]
Fire - Grimm [Future Thinkin Dub]
Aaj Mera Jee Karda - Amdesa [FT Digital]
Austere - Escher [FTREC1206]
Deep - Subject 13 & Resound [Future Thinkin Dub]
Hooligan - Fierce & Break [Quarantine]