Scribbler: NOTION (Nu:Directions/Influence/Celsius) (02-Jul-2009)

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Hurtful Solace - NotioN [Cylon Recordings Dub]
Winteria - Despot [Unsigned Dub]
Marlowe - Hobzee & Zyon Base [Unsigned Dub]
Reform - ASC [Unsigned Dub]
Earth Ulro - S13 [Unsigned Dub]
Lakoto - Kodo [Broken Audio Recordings Dub]
Spellbound - Triad [Unsigned Dub]
Mr Peg Leg - Squash [Unsigned Dub]
iota - NotioN [Phunkfiction Recordings Dub]
The Iron Gate - Sam KDC [Eternia Music Dub]
Psyche - Insight [Broken Audio Recordings Dub]
Empire - Atmospherix & Sem [Unsigned Dub]
The Trendy Track - Bal [Influence Records Dub]
From Dark 2 Grey - Sol I.D & Subz [Unsigned Dub]
The Seeker - Mindmapper [Broken Audio Recordings Dub]
Pulsar - Linden [Central Beats Dub]
illicit - NotioN [Unsigned Dub]
Resurection Hub - Mindmapper [Broken Audio Recordings Dub]
Tuning In - Nusense [Unsigned Dub]
Coming Apart - Dave Owen & Sconeboy [Unsigned Dub]
Bit o' That - Dave Owen [Unsigned Dub]
High Card - Submorphics & Pipeline [Unsigned Dub]
Can't Say Goodbye - Glen E Ston [Influence Records Dub]
Woeful - NotioN [Unsigned Dub]
The Way It Goes - Specific [Unsigned Dub]
Late Night Special - Eveson [Samurai Redseal Dub]
Searching For An Answer - NotioN [Nu-Directions Dub]