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Bassdrive resident DJ Methodus tells us all about the future plans of this leading internet radio station and gives us a top class deep drum & bass mix to boot.
Komatic - Seasons Sleep [Unreleased Dub]
Big Bud - Want You so Bad [SOUNdTRAX]
Calculon & ATP - The Coriolis Effect [Funkstar Dub]
Random Movement & Komatic - Accidental Causes [Unreleased Dub]
Calculon & Andy Sim - Evening Shadows [Funkstar Dub]
Glen E Ston & The Square - Close to You (Paul SG remix) [Influenza Media]
Madmen & Poets ft Ill Esha - Save Me [Fokuz]
Mage & ATP - Go Down [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Carl Matthes - Never Away [Unreleased Dub]
Kasio - Bad Dayze [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Paul SG - Organic Mode [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna - Sky High [Unreleased Dub]
Laura Claire - Probably Are (BMK & City Kings remix) [Powder Room]
So Flow - Thorn [Vibration Recordings]
Fusion - Sexual Flu (The Square and Dirrrty B remix) [Unreleased Dub]
Random Movement - Memory Loss [Unreleased Dub]
Flaco - Thinking of You [Unreleased Dub]
Jaybee & KDan - Love Affair [Forthcoming Vibration Recordings]
Reza & Clart - The Chances [Forthcoming Influenza Media]
Komatic - Now She's Free [Unreleased Dub]
ATP - Shibuya Nights [Forthcoming BassdriveTunes]
Stunna - Back in Time [Outsider Recordings]