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Bar Sessions by Groove Bugs by Groove Bugs

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Have you ever had one of those late afternoons where you want to go out, grab a cup of coffee, or simply have one or two beers with couple of friends? The only thing you want to do is chill and take it easy, but the music ends up spoiling the atmosphere? Well we've been there! Therefore we decided to make this mix. This mix portrays what we feel is ideal for those late afternoon bars, that suit the more chilled out and relaxed atmosphere. We decided to mix some older, some newer and one or two unreleased tunes for your listening pleasure, we hope you enjoy it! Cheers! :)
1. YSE - Disappear
2. Kirby - Morning Light
3. Johnny Fiasco - Go Deep
4. JT Donaldson - Still Jazz
5. Joshua Heath - Something Else
6. Joshua Collins - Remember
7. Inland Knights - I Feel This Way
8. weS - Understand
9. Alonzo Savoy and Andy Meston - Hips Move
10. Tera Deva - Fresh Start (Joshua's House Mix)
11. The Sound Diggers - Pressound
12. Will Jax - Give You Up
13. Arco - I Want Your Love
14. Troydon - Waxed (Mark Farina Remix)