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Time flies when you’re having fun, or so they say. I wanted to do a mix which is a snapshot of some of the D+B that I’ve really loved over the last decade. 2 parts in 2 hours, year by year. That’s about 5-8 tunes a year. It took ages just to get a vague idea of what I wanted on there. Then organising it by year, and working out what would work where. So many amazing tunes didn’t make it just for that reason. It’s not meant to be me going ‘this is the best music D+B had to offer’ its just a mix of some of my personal favourites. I hope you enjoy it.
Konflict – Messiah
>> Dylan – Spasm
Ed Rush & Optical – Pacman
Trace & RymeTyme – Move VIP
Matrix – Temperament
Total Science – Make Me Feel
>> Ram Trilogy – Titan
Hatiras – Spaced Invader (J Majik rmx)
John B – Up All Night
Bad Company – Planet Dust
Ed Rush & Optical – Kerbcrawler
Q Project – Trouble
High Contrast – Make It Tonight
Danny Breaks – Sign
Special Forces – What I Need
High Contrast – Return Of Forever
Total Science – Squash
Jonny L – Trouble
Matrix – Can’t Stop
Marcus Intalex & ST Files – How You Make Me Feel (Photek rmx)
Mr L – Lets Roll
Ebony Dubsters – Ra!
London Elektricity – Billion $ Gravy
Hive – Last Call
Cyantific – Reincarnation Dub
St:Cal – Redlight
Q Project – Ask Not
Hive & Keaton – Bring It On
Logistics – Space Jam
05 February 2010
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