Random Movement's guest mix @ Komatic's "The Komatic Show" on Also check out one older guest mix by Random Movement for "The Komatic Show" here.
128kbps // 52.8MB // 57:43min

Update: added tracklist. Props to eleron.
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01.Phil Tangent – Billie’s Smile (Soul:R)
02.Marky & S.P.Y - Destiny (Innerground)
03.Random Movement - Waterlogged (Innerground)
04.Eveson - Found A Groove (Liquid V)
05.Random Movement - Fessing Up About Nothing (Innerground)
06.Quantrek - Love Affair (Human Elements Digital)
08.Photek - Aleph 1 (Science)
09.Random Movement - Used Illusions (Innerground)
10.Random Movement - Yeah, That's It (Innerground)
11.Marky and S.P.Y - Hard to believe (Innerground)
12.Velocity - Shadow Roll (Human Elements Digital)
13.Edward Oberon - Paradise VIP (Creative Source)
14.Redeyes - Sitting Back (N/A)
15.Serum & Bladerunner - Just A Beat (Pure Vibez)
16.Random Movement - Lucky Guess (Innerground)
17.Random Movement - Kids In The Sea (Innerground)