Magnafide - DNBTV MIX November 2010 (free mix download) by magnafide

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This is a promo/demo currently rotating on's playlist. Big ups and thanks to Tiny and the DNBTV crew!!
Facing Jinx & Philth - 'Fly Away' (Peer Pressure)
Cosmology - 'Right Now' (Plush)
Big Bud - 'Want You So Bad' (Soundtrax)
Ellano - 'Synchronicity' (Dubplate)
Bass'flo - 'Jupiter Rising' (Advection)
Furney & Tayla - 'Jahman' (Liquid V)
Magnafide - 'Sand Spell' (Fourth Level Dub)
Facing Jinx, Philth & Loz Contreras - 'Perfect Secret' (Peer Pressure)
Mykra - 'Unaimed' (Mykrawaves)
Genotype - 'Real Deal' (Offkey)
Nookie - 'You Can't Hold Me Back' (Phuzion)
Tidal - 'Impressions' (Good Looking)
Influx Datum - 'Back For More' (Formation)
Eveson - 'Fantasize' (Integral)
dRamatic - 'Caroline' (Influenza Media)
Andy Skopes - 'Yeah You Know' (Uncertified)
Magnafide & Phrantek - 'Turning Point' (Fourth Level Dub)
Clart & Paul SG - 'Rhodesomes' (Jazzsticks)
ATP - 'Lost My Way' (Vibration)