Music For Serious Jogging Vol 1 by Monsieur Monod

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Hey guys,

Felt like sidestepping the slow motion stuff for a change and mix some proper midtempo deephouse records together, so here goes. Threw some bits by the likes of Vakula, MCDE, OOFT, Tornado Wallace and Session Victim in there, some old, some yet to surface. Had a lot of fun putting this together, hope you like!

PS I actually did make this mix for jogging purposes.
1. Dead Rose Music Company - Am I Still The One (Eclectic Avenue)
2. Trujillo - Baby You're Still The Same (Apersonal)
3. Andy Hart - Keep On (Dikso)
4. Vakula - You Can Do It (Firecracker)
5. SE62 - Nina Says Get Up (CDR)
6. Toby Tobias - Macasu * MCDE Loft Party rmx (Late Night Audio)
7. Session Victim - Memory Lane (Retreat)
8. OOFT - Just Peachy (Wolf Music)
9. Tornado Wallace - Always Twirling * Norm de Plume rmx (Delusions of Grandeur)
10. Iron Curtis - Inner Tribute to the City (Hudd)
11. Tiger & Woods - Deflowered (Editainment)
12. GQ - Lies * Nicholas edit (CDR)