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Spiritchaser DJ Mix - December 2010 by Guess Records

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01) Tingpong "New Religion" (Marcus Marr Mix) Nang
02) Bas Amro "Le Huitieme Arrondissement" (Original Mix) Wolfskuil Records
03) Juan Sanchez "Movin" (El Mundo & Satori Mix) Kling Klong
04) Deepsoundexpress "Deep Soul" (Original Mix) Aquamarine
05) Spiritchaser "I Have Seen" (One Man's Dub) Guess Records
06) Latenta Project "Only One Life" (Those Twins Remix) Apollo
07) Disco Deciders "Cinnamon" (Original Mix) Ready Mix Records
08) Andre Crom & Martin Dawson "About You" (Original Mix) Off
09) Maya Jane Coles "Simple Things" (Original Mix) Real Tone Records
10) Ping Trace "Lies" (Original Mix) Terraform Records
25 November 2010
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