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This is the first part of a series of mixes entirely based on some high quality music from the jungle scene in the nineties.I haven't planned these mixes or rehearsed them and some tunes may not really blend well with others, but the whole point is taking excellent music and putting it together in a way that I am feeling at the time.The point isn't about my mixing - it's about the music and hopefully this will either bring back memories from people my age or will inspire people to search out the music or other music from these classic artists themselves. Enjoy!
Part 1:
1. Intro
2.Carlito'Heaven' - Creative Source - and Scratchattack!
3.Skanna 'Find Me' - Skanna Recordings
4.Deep Blue ' Thursday' - Moving Shadow
5.Future Technicians 'Airtight'- Legend Recordings
6.Aquarius and Tayla 'Bringing me Down' - Good Looking Records
7.Source Direct ' Exit 9' - Source Direct Recordings
8.Source Direct ' The Crane' - Source Direct Recordings
9.Peshay 'Jazz Lick' - Nexus Records
10.Intense 'Eastern Promise' - Diverse Recordings
11.Intense 'Motions' - Way Out Records
12.FutureBound 'Sorrow' - Skanna Recordings
13.Progressive Future Music 'The Mystics' - Good Looking Records

Part 2:
1. Intro
2. P.F.M. 'Love and Happiness' Good Looking Records (Scratch attack)
3. Jazz Juice 'Jazz Juice' Precious Materials
4. Artenis 'Inner Rythmn' Underdog Recordings
5. Funky Technicians 'Fever' Timeless Recordings
6. F.B.D. Project 'Classified Listening' Neil Trix Re-edit
7. P.F.M. 'Wash Over Me' Good Looking Records
8. Big Bud 'Emotionography' Good Looking Records (Scratch attack)
9. Arteq 'Amazing' Celluloid Records
10. Freehand 'I can't stop' Smooth Recordings
11. Intense 'West Side Blues' Diverse Recordings
12. Tic Tac Toe White Label