Sometimes I Get Sentimental Mix by FlyBoyEda by flyboyedik

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Hi, this is my new/second mix. This time it´s all about old records & sound very close to Berlin/Germany. I used to love these records ten years ago and I still do. So I guess, it´s some kind of tribute mix to my favorite deep-tech-micro-house/dub-techno producers and labels from that time. I just wanted to express my appreciation for their amazing work, coz they influenced me a lot! Not all artists/labels are from Germany (Swayzak, Fabrice Lig, Paper...), of course, but they fit well. I hope again, You´ll enjoy it, even it´s not perfect, some tunes have different sound quality/noise level and the last mix from this selection totally sucks... :))
01. Pleite - Pleite (B Side) (Trapez 2003)
02. Skunk Burner - Pleasure To Be Back (Morris Audio 2002)
03. Jurgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie (Kompakt 2002)
04. Benjamin Wild - F(M).com (Force Tracks 2001)
05. Akufen - Skidoos (Force Inc. Music Works 2002)
06. Dub Taylor – I Can't (Fall In Love With Another One) (Force Tracks 2000)
07. M.R.I. - Tied To The 80s (Force Tracks 2002)
08. New Phunk Theory – Shoot The Shit (Paper Recordings 1998)
09. Swayzak - Fukamachi (Pagan 1998)
10. Heiko Laux – The Silent Bass (Kanzleramt 2002)
11. Highrise – Hope For Peace (Original) (Kanzleramt 2002)
12. Alexander Kowalski – All I Got To Know (Instrumental Edit) (Kanzleramt 2002)
13. Fabrice Lig - Underground Will Never Die (Playhouse 2002)
14. Alexander Kowalski – Echoes (Dub-Mix) (Kanzleramt 2001)
15. Luomo - Tessio (M.R.I. Mix) (Force Tracks 2001)
11 November 2011
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