After one month has passed we have the new episode of Doddiblog Podcast here, liquid funk oriented again. The man behind the decks is coming from Los Angeles, USA and his name is Magnafide. I'm glad he delivered high quality mix, with lot of fresh dubs. Here's short bio:
Magnafide is a founding member of the Fourth Level Collective, a group of D&B producers and deejays from Los Angeles focusing mostly on Liquid Funk. The crew has been involved in the local scene for almost 10 years.
Magnafide has releases out on Peer Pressure Recordings and forthcoming releases on Soul Deep Recordings.
New project in 2011/2012 is a collaboration with fellow Fourth Level members Living Proof & Teal under the name: Holistix.

Magnafide - Doddiblog Podcast Vol.007 (November 2011) by doddiblog

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Crix - 'Tell Me' (Dub)
Dushi - 'Carefree' (Technique)
Makoto & Akira - 'Flying High' (Good Looking)
Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - 'Primitive' (Soul Deep)
Flowrian & LaMeduza - 'Flow Back' (Soul Deep)
Phat Playaz - 'Roll' (Soul Deep)
Young Ax - 'Naturalization' (Santorin)
Ant TC1 & Survival - 'Sleepless' (Peer Pressure Int'l)
Jo-s - 'Ecliptic' (Dub)
Phrantek - 'The Durban Myth' (Dub)
Atlantic Connection - 'Full Moon Rising' (Westbay)
Mr. Joseph - 'Coming Home' (Telluric)
Aquasion - 'Rainy Days' (Dub)
Holistix (Living Proof & Magnafide & Teal) - 'If This Was' (Soul Deep FREE D/L)
Dubsky & Magnafide - 'Handsome Devils' (Soul Deep Dub)
dRamatic & dbAudio - 'So Strong' (MARS)
Tidal - 'Swing In' (Textures)
Holistix (Living Proof & Magnafide & Teal) feat. Dubsky - 'Secret Colors' (Soul Deep Dub)
ARP-1 - 'Shadows Drop' (Soul Deep)
Dave Owen & Jaybee - 'I Don't See Nothing Wrong' (Dub)