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Sorry again for my ongoing lateness, but I’m sure you are used to it. ;)
So here it is, in too deep with a rather fast-paced mix to fill your plate with another healthy serving of moms stuffing and mashed potatoes. As many of you already know, I had a little celebration planned for all of you when I earned my 5000th fan on the facebook fanpage, so just for kicks I’m giving away a tune I’ve been siting on for far too long, one called “Purple Getaway”. I am still working out the kinks of the master, but you can expect an updated post in the next few days with a link to download the tune. Please, play it to your little hearts content all over the place.
…and as for you US kids, pass the cranberry sauce and save me some dark meat.
Technicolour – Winter Rose
Velocity – What I’m Sayin
Flaco & Calculon – Rooftop Romance
Aquasion – Moves & Grooves
Flaco & Glen E. Ston – The Afternoon
Loz Contreras – You & I
Random Movement & JayBee – Lost In Laguardia
Acid Lab – Coexistence
DJ Marky, dRamatic & dbAudio – You and I
Schematic – Free Me
Sevin – No Wonder
Incident & Command Strange – Hidden Stairs
Blue Motion, Grimm & Dina Eve – So Far Gone
Centrik – Healing Heart
Marky & S.P.Y – Love Affair
Pennygiles – Momentary Switch
Mak & Loz Contreras – Human Planet
Sevin – Riding It
Aquasion – Our Love Is Right
Sevin – Amazon