Massive mix! I'm glad there is still more and more atmospheric dnb tracks nowadays. I grow up on LTJ Bukem & Good looking rec sound and never been much into that empty experimental dnb sound hype.
Thankfully there are lot of producers who are pushing great atmospheric sound. And DJs like Essef who are playing these tunes. Amen!

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1. Atmosdisiac: Life On Other Planets
2. Flaco & Calculon: Rooftop Romance
3. Decon: Ghost Tune
4. Decon: Trying Harder
5. Mutt: Big Lights Big City
6. Mistical: Groove Me
7. Madcap: Spirituality
8. dRamatic & dbAudio: Let Me Begin
9. Blade: Losing Him
10. Atmosdisiac: Moonlight
11. mSdoS: Many Lies VIP Remix
12. mSdoS: Love Of Our Soul
13. SoulTec: Blues Lick
14. ATP: For The Soul (SoulTec Remix)
15. Blade: Bdp
16. Phat Playaz & Blade: Close Encounter
17. Mutt: Era's
18. Imagery: Too Late
19. Peshay: Jazz Cafe