Free track: RM - Purple Getaway (320 kbps mp3)

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Oi gang.
Birthday week has come and gone, and now its back to the grind, hence the late posting of this podcast. Partying was clearly more important.
So you can get that track I was talking about last month right here: Random Movement – Purple Getaway (320 kbps mp3)
As for the podcast this time around, I got alot of love from some great new talent this month, with a good portion of that from my Brazilian brothers over there! Bless you guys!
enjoy, kids!
Linky – Be There
Technicolour & Komatic ft Jayma – Stay(BCee remix)
Chap & Andrezz – Doing The Samething
Command Strange – Winter Morning
Sevin – Missing
Andrezz – Let The Groove Move
Aquasion – Raregroove Jack
Rowpieces – Jungle Julia
Chap – Seven Lines
Command Strange – Takeover
Krakota & Judda – Sooty
Will Miles – Beans & Rice II
Level 2 & Chap – Sky Is The Limit
Command Strange – Everything
dRamatic & dbAudio – Please Me
Aquasion – What You Do To Me
Chap – Don’t Wait 4 Me
Dynamic ft mSdoS – Love So Clear
Kyshido – In The End
Atlantic Connection – Backlog feat. Kevin King (Submorphics remix)