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dRamatic & dbAudio - Life Console (Ingredients Records)
Furney - Highway 101 (Black Reflections Records dub)
PFM - If You Were Mine (Plush Recordings)
ARP-1 – Our Deepest Fear (Phuzion Records dub)
dRamatic & dbAudio – 6 Degrees (Mars Recordings)
A Sides – Knowledge Wisdom. feat_Jah_Free. (Eatside Records)
dRamatic & dbAudio – So Strong (Mars Recordings)
mSdos & Soultec - Were's the Brass (Black Reflections Records)
Mutt – Era’s (Inside Records)
Furney - Eindhoven Times (Black Reflections Records dub)
MC Conrad & Furney – Drum Tools (Good Looking Records)
Blade – Emotional Recovery (Telluric Recordings)
Blade - Vegas (Telluric Recordings)
Furney - I Will Be Where You Are (Black Reflections Records dub)