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01 - 6th borough project - When the hate is going (KLRLTD 010)
In celebration of their 10th release, our friends over at kolour has put out a blank (yes, no colour) 10" with two absoulte ace tracks from 6th borough. It's pretty much sold out everywhere now but if you manage to find it you should totally hold on to this one!

02 - Debonair - Your Love (HOD 004)
The snippets are all over soundcloud and we just got the promo, the fourth release from HOD will take it to another level with four brilliantly diverse tunes.

03 - Frank Booker - Fall out (SBR 10)
Sleazy Beats are also putting out their tenth release these days, and this is even their last one :( :( :( Worth buying just for the sleeve, which features pictures of all the fans around the world posing with their beloved SBR-records. See if you can spot us on there lol :)

04 - The Rapture - Come Back To Me (Greymatter Remix) (WOLF10 001)
ANOTHER one of our favourite labels releasing their tenth these days!! Pretty synchronised stuff. This is also a 10" and this one is white and it is pretty damn awesome as always from wolf.

05 - Andy Ash - White Leaf (FBNM 001)
New label seeing the light of day here, and we've had a sneak peak at the things to come. Fly By Night Music should be a name to watch out for the coming months, and the first release will be this neat little EP from the brilliant Andy Ash.

06 - ???????
This one is really supposed to be a secret but since you've read this far you deserve to know. It's The Dead Rose Music Company doing a remix of one of our tracks. Isn't it awesome?? Will be out sometime we think ;)

07 - Volta Cab - Problems Solved (Alex Agore Remix ) (UT 014)
These lovely russians are at it again with their retro house vibes. We are very happy to see that undertones found a spot for them where they can feel just at home!

08 - Medlar - "Can't Stop" (WOLFEP 011)
Another brilliant piece from wolf, all four tracks totally rocks so go get it tiger!