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30 Minutes Hosted & Mixed by Matt Masters
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
T Polar - Crossroads (Original Mix) [Rebirth]
Martin – Patino - Heading Elsewhere [Syncopat]
Sasse - Eagle Eyes, [Mood Music] Mood-CD018 - Sasse - Third Encounter LP/CD
Sam Matters – Weight Off My Mind [Freerange]
Elef - Nuff Said [We Carry On ]

30 Minutes Mixed by Andre Crom
Artist - Title (Mix) [Label]
Andre Crom feat. Dennis Degenhardt - Tell Me [Freerange]
Willie Graff & Tuccillo - Set Me Free [Freerange]
Andre Crom & Martin Dawson feat. Roland Clark - Back Into The Future
[Exploited] (unreleased)
Robosonic - Worst Love [OFF Recordings]
Dale Howard - Some Other Guy [OFF Recordings]