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Nu:Tone – Broken (featuring Kyan)
Nu:Tone – What’s your lesiure
Nu:Tone – Heaven Sent (featuring MC SP)
Nu:Tone – New Boy
Nu:Tone – All over the World
Nu:Tone - Beatnik
Nu:Tone – The boy who lost his smile
Nu:Tone – Three bags full
Lenny Fontana – Spread Love (Nu:Tone remix)
Nu:Tone – Feel it
Nu:Tone – Right now
Nu:Tone – System (featuring Natalie Willaims)
Nu:Tone – The Feeling (featuring Ben Westbeech)
London Elektricty – Fast Soul Music (Nu:Tone remix)
Nu:Tone - Beliefs
Nu:Tone – Mrs. Jones
Nu:Tone - Breathless
Nu:Tone - Countdown
Nu:Tone – Seven Years (featuring Natalie Williams)
Nu:Tone – Jet Stream
Nu:Tone - Goofy
Nu:Tone – Missing Link
Nu:Tone – Strange Encounter (featuring Natalie Williams)