This DJ set is almost 2 years old, but in the light of the sad news it's pretty actual. Some of you maybe heard it, some of maybe not, but Martin, one half of highly acclaimed Two Armadillos (together with Giles Smith), passed away on Monday. This is really sad day for the whole house music community as we lost really talented and prolific person. May you rest in peace Martin! Enjoy it over there, you will be missed. RIP

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1- Martin Dawson 'Soft Synth' Moodmusic
2- Freestyle man 'One For Chez'
3- Martin Dawson & Glimpse 'Blue Train' 2020vision
4- Steven Tang 'Verged' Aesthetic Audio
5- Mr G. Platonic Solids No. 5' Rekids
6- Sasse & James Flavour 'Henry Street' (Dub Mix)
7- Larry Heard pres. Mr White 'The Sun Cant Compare'
8- Martin Dawson & Glimpse 'Run Away' 2020vision
9- Radioslave 'I DOnt Need A Cure For This' Kenny Larkin Remix - Rekids
10- Moodyman 'It's Too Late For You And Me' Mahogani Music
15 November 2012
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