The mix consist only of tracks and remixes by my favourite house DJ, producere and legend Tom Middleton.
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The Calling (Tom Middleton remix)Buy
By A Man Called Adam
1 Wtay With Me (Tom Middleton remix)Buy
By A Man Called Adam
2 Warmer Days (feat Eva K - original Liquatech mix)Buy
By DJ Meri
3 Right Where You Are (Tom Middleton EEP mix)Buy
By Amp Fiddler
4 Salford Salsa (DJ Meri Liquatech rub)Buy
By Universal Solution
5 Drum & Wild (Universal Solution Liquatech mix)Buy
By The Sleeper
6 Paganini Rocks (Tom Middleton's Liquatech remix)Buy
By Robortom, Au Revoir Simone
7 Do Un Goodur (Tom Middletons Cosmos mix)Buy
By Crazy Penis
8 Halcyon (Tom Middleton re-mode)Buy
By Orbital
9 Popular (Tom Middleton Cosmos remix)Buy
By Saint Etienne
10 CirclesBuy
By Agora Rhythm
11 Unknown 12 DJ's In A Row (Tom Middleton Cosmos Vox)Buy
By Schwab
13 Right Where You Are (Tom Middleton Lub mix)Buy
By Amp Fiddler
14 Unknown 15 Kinetic (Sean Hughes remix)Buy
By Golden Girls
16 Love Stimulation (Tom Middleton remix)Buy
By Humate
17 I Thought It Was Over (Tom Middleton dub remix)Buy
By The Feeling
18 Dirty Laundry (Tom Middleton dub remix)Buy
By Bitter:sweet
19 New France (Tom Middleton Cosmos mix)Buy
By Orbital
20 A Few Good Days (Tom Middleton deep mix)Buy
By The Orange Lights
15 November 2012
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