1st hour Warm up by Beta Boy
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
1.Milton Jackson - 5 Cities (Original Mix) [Black Key]
2.Hans Thalau - 015.1 [Thal Communications]
3.Fadel - That's Gonna Save the Day (Maximiljan Remix) [Mile End]
4.Roberto Rodrigeuz - Oxymoron [Freerange]
5.Dachshund - Silent Majority [Highgrade]
6.Holtoug - Everybody (Dub) [Connaisseur]
7.Hans Thalau - 015.4 [Thal Communications]
8.Medlar - Knockard Pearl (Detroit Swindle Mix)e [Wolf Music]
9.Wil Maddams - Stand in for love [Local Talk]
10.Axel Boman - Look What You've Done To Me [Hypercolour]
11.Mark Romboy, KiNK - Delusion of the Enemy [Systematic]
12.Delano Smith - I Fly [Kolour Recordings]

2nd hour Exclusive Guest mix by DAIRMOUNT (RWAV)
Artist – Title (Mix) [Label]
1.Herva - Triangle [Bosconi]
2.Deft - Lucid / Overline [Space Hardware]
3.Drvg Cvltvre - Quasimodo Predicted All Of This [Pinkman]
4.Wah - Chu-Ku - Flowin - Drumpoe]t
5.Toby Tobias - Tres Mal (feat. Be Atwell) [Burek]
6.MCDE - Send A Prayer Pt1 [MCDE]
7.Self Enemy - Finding [Synchrophone
8.Trago, Young Marco & Awanto 3 - Physical Thrill (Axel Boman mix) [Studio Soulrock]
9.RNDM - Uoah [Naif]
10.Murat Tepeli - Workinstrugglin / SoulPhiction Remix [Philpot]
11.I Ner Zon Feat. Naomi Daniel - Stars [Planet E]
12.Dj Q - Optimum Thinking [Filter]
13.Taron Trekka - NennDas [RWAV WORLD EXCLUSIVE]
14.Mercellis - Untitled [Workshop]
27 February 2013
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