Jrumhand - The Power of Music (Storejam)
Jrumhand - Illuminating Encounters (Rotation Deep)
Jrumhand - Bliss (Odyssey)
Jrumhand - Jropped (Storejam)
Jrumhand - All That Matters (Storejam)
Jrumhand - Time Out (vibedeck link above)
Jrumhand - Picking Up The Pieces (Phuzion)
Nookie - Rebounded (Jrumhand's Aint Broke Remix) (Phuzion)
Jrumhand - The Boss (vibedeck link above)
Jrumhand - Tuesday (vibedeck link above)
Jrumhand - Belt Drives & White Labels (Storejam)
Lonnie Liston Smith - London Interlude (Jrumhand Bootleg) (Free)
Jrumhand - A Swell Time (Storejam)
Jrumhand - Spiritual Chemistry (Storejam)
Jrumhand - We Rise (Storejam)
Jrumhand - Against All Odds (SoulFlex)
Blade, Jrumhand & Phatplayaz EP - Spread Your Wings (Storejam)
Jrumhand - The Antidote (Storejam)
Jrumhand - Space Walk (Storejam)
Jrumhand - The Moment (vibedeck link above)
Jrumhand - Sutton Row (Phuzion)
Jrumhand - Just a Piece of Music (Phuzion)
Jrumhand - Visions of Music (Phuzion)
Jrumhand - Fusion Groove (Soul Deep)
Jrumhand - Primal (vibedeck link above)