Tracklist/Description: Exclusive Mixtape For DEEPINRECORDS! Enjoy! <3 Introducing: @tooli (@localtalk @omena-records) We had the pleasure of interviewing the master behind @omena-records & @localtalk! The music scene in hometown? "­It’s alive and kicking. Some old labels still hanging in there and news ones releasing interesting stuff. We still have record stores selling vinyl which is nice, there’s live bands playing also, not just DJs at clubs ­ I think live acts is a great addition to scene. I try to go to some shows myself every now and then, not just electronic music. Live music in general is a great thing and should be supported more." Upcoming releases? "For Local Talk we’ve got a new release from Kiko Navarro, a follow­ up to his New Life EP that was out earlier this year. After that we’ve got Adesse Versions which I think is a great addition to the Local Talk family. There’s a new 12” from Lay­Far coming and some other bits that I think the ”fans” will be like...oh, and the most recent release from Esa & Mervin Granger ”Bewyste EP” that’s out now is worth mentioning. It’s deep, got some afro mixed with Chicago vibes. With Omena I just released the HNNY album ”Sunday” which is well worth checking out, got an EP by an Italian duo called The Zars which I think is a nice addition to the Omena sound. There’s a track on it that really reminded me of the old Border Community days ;) There’s also a 12” from Henry Rodrick, he did a track for the OneOffs series on Local Talk called ”Into The Sun”, this release is called ”Daybreak” and got remixes by myself and Mark Seven. There’s plenty more but let’s keep it like this for now." Best gig so far this year? "There’s been a few actually. Playing Panorama Bar on a sunday afternoon just a few days after my birthday was great, also Watergate was cool. It’s always packed and Local Talk seems to have some fans. I played with my buddy Masa in Turku and it’s always a pleasure playing with him, Dublin and Paris was fun...I guess you can say I enjoy every gig really." Whats happening for you and Local Talk? "I’m working on a lot of music at the moment, both original stuff and remixes that will be out soon. With Local Talk we’ve got as usual lot’s of releases and some exciting gigs coming up. In September we’re heading to the US which I’m really looking forward too."