Tracklist/Description: In the spirit of carnival, I wanted to make a mix of my LP for you to party to/enjoy, using my Traktor S8 controller So...after a long hard week, I came home tonight and recorded this, just for you. It's totally live... sometimes the vocals there and sometimes it isn't (because I'm using stems) and sometimes there's a key jump or tempo change...but you'll still enjoy it! Sorry I didn't fit still remains in...I went to at the very end and then accidentally pressed stop record ha ha. Wasn't going to do it again! (although I could have chopped it out!) Happy carnival xx Tracklist: Riya - As Soon As ft. LSB Riya - Truth Hurts VIP ft. Zero T Riya - Wears Me Down ft. Villem & McLeod Riya - Falls Apart ft. Philth Riya - Fear Bites ft. Dynamite MC, Villem & McLeod Riya - Don't You Know ft. Fox, GQ & Total Science Riya - I Don't Need ft. Break Riya - Misunderstood ft. BCee & Bladerunner Riya - Confessions ft. Total Science, Frank Carter & Maverick Soul Riya - I Never Knew ft. Villem & McLeod Riya - You or Me ft. Enei Riya - Piece of Me ft. Collette Warren & Emperor