Tracklist/Description: Our November guest mix featuring Satl. Tracklist: Satl Mix: Malaky, Satl & Silence Groove - Skyfall (Fokuz Dub) Malaky, Satl & Skeletone - Future Blues (Occulti Music) Malaky, Satl & Skeletone - Future Blues [Random Movement Remix] (Occulti Music) FD feat. Collette Warren - Work It Out (Soul:R) Etherwood & LSB - The Rain Will Fall (Medschool) Malaky & Satl - Close To Me (Fokuz) Command Strange feat. MC Fats - Desire (Dub) Paul SG - Destination Unknown (Jazz Sticks) Chris Harmonics & Impish - Girl (Occulti Promo) Mortem - Proximity (Absys) Satl & Malaky - Her (Dub) Satl & Malaky - Touching you (Dub) HumaNature - Back To Life [Silence Groove Remix] (Celsius Promo) Surplus Mix: Simplification & Translate feat Masterwizard - To The Ground (Soul Trader Dub) Skynet - Fractal (Soul Trader Promo) Zero T - My Name (Dispatch) Calibre - Another (CIA) Drifta - Here With Me (Total Science Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) AudioSketch - Come For Me (Random Movement Remix) (Soul Trader Dub) Skynet - Organism (Dub) Arkaik - Wusi Street (Flexout) Lurch - Energy Is Paramount Feat Emerge (Satl Remix) (Dub) Pixel - Only Way feat Tali (Fokuz Promo) Surplus - Inner Peace feat Identified (Soul Deep Exclusive Promo) Invold - Starfall (Soul Deep Exclusive Promo) Command Strange & Dynamic (Good Looking) Simplification & Translate - Get Down (Soul Trader Dub) Zero T - Macushla (Dispatch) Quadrant and Iris - Angular (Commercial Suicide) Maduk & Nymfo - Africa (Hospital) AudioSketch & Surplus - Leave it All Behind (Soul Trader) McLeod - Stolen Kisses (Soul Trader Promo) Satl & Elka feat Hannah Eve and Surplus - Untitled (Soul Trader Dub) Alibi - Oxygen (V Recordings) HLZ - Broken Lights (Soul Trader Promo) Zero T - Roxy Music (Dispatch) In-Deed - What You Told Me (Celsius) AudioSketch and HLZ - Let You Know (Soul Trader Dub) Enei - Just One Look (Critical) Surplus - Do It (Random Movement Remix) (Saucy Records Dub) Surplus - Closer (Fokuz Dub) Human Nature - Back To Life (Silence Groove Remix) (Celsius Promo) Monika - Dusk Till Dawn (Ingredients) Nitri - Sphere (Dub) Muffler - Northern Lights (Spearhead Promo)