Tracklist/Description: Welcome one and all to the DEEP SPACE RECORDS PODCAST 27 XMAS SPECIAL … This month because its xmas we thought we would give you 2 special guest on the decks . So we are happy to welcome two of are favourite producers to the podcast family SATL + LURCH … SATL - Satl all the way from Wschowa Poland is in are eyes one of the best new coming producers in the drum and bass world today. At a very young age this man is on the road to a bright future . Having many tracks released on such labels as . Occulti Music , Celsius Recordings , Influenza Media , Inform Records , Shaolin Audio , Think Deep Recording , Ledge , LuvDisaster Records , Soul Deep Recordings and last but not least Fokuz Recordings the label he represents …. Dj’s such as Fabio , Dj Marky , Random Movement , Intelligent Manners , Command Strange giving him full support . Expect nothing but smooth vibes on this one. Watch out for this man things are looking bright… LURCH - Lurch what can we say about lurch. In are view Lurch is one of the best new up and coming producers in Drum and Bass 2day as well as Satl thats why we have got them on the podcast lol. His music is pure liquid gold very smooth jazzy vibes with a dance floor vibe to them. Representing Intrigue music lurch has had countless releases on labels such as Intrigue , Soul Deep Recordings , Flexout , Think Deep Recordings , Vibe Inc and more.. Dj’s such as Dj Marky , Fabio , Ltj Bukem , Random Movement giving him full support you know this man is on the right track.. The future bright the future is LURCH LURCH - TRACK LISTING 1. Blade - Back from the streets 2. Lurch featuring Adrienne Richards - Love note 3. Skeletone - Mr. Lucky 4. Lurch - Don't wait 5. Bcee & Bladerunner - In the shadows VIP 6. Dead Prez - Hip hop (Lurch remix) 7. BLD #23 8. Lurch - Beer belly dub 9. Flaco - You should be here 10. Lurch - Dutch courage 11. Macca - I wanna be your lover All at DEEP SPACE RECORDS UK Would like to thank SATL and LURCH for this month mix and also to all you guys that keep coming back month after month to listen to the podcast we love you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. We will be back in the New Year with more podcast and some more events so keep your ears and eyes peeled KEEP IT DEEP KEEP IT DEEP SPACE
23 December 2015
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