Tracklist/Description: For the tenth issue of our podcast, we invited to record a mix of interesting musician, talented DJ, an artist of highly respect labels as Cadence Recordings, Advection Music, Rotation Deep, Reminiscence Audio, Omni Music, Monochrome Recordings, Soul Deep Recordings, Odyssey Recordings, Soul Ridaz, Sonata Recordings, Liquid Drops, Breakbeat Rebelz and others, our guest from friendly Serbia - Okee! Slobodan Oljača, it's his real name, creating their own music, inspired by the beauty of deep space and futuristic musical works. For a long time he is a supporter of atmospheric drum & bass music, and for more than 10 years Okee focused on creating their own compositions, drawing inspiration from a variety of science fiction and space exploration. It retains the origins of atmospheric drum & bass culture and brings in his tracks and mixes the influences, which started back in the mid to late 90s. Currently, this musician is one of the some people that reflect the origins in their work, passing through itself and creating a remarkably beautiful and progressive music that is out on many important and respected labels in this scene. He also collaborates with many musicians that working in this area, to make tracks and remixes, thereby preserving in time the unique culture and elevating it to a new, modern level. Listening work and mixes Okee, inspired by ambient jungle and atmospheric drum & bass scene of the 90s / 2000s, we come back to the wonderful time and to the magic music that lives in the hearts of all of us. For the new issue of our podcast Okee recorded a special mix dedicated to one of the pillars of atmospheric scene, jealously-conserving the sources of culture - Cadence Recordings label, on which overlook some of the most progressive and modern works by various artists from around the world. Winter podcast of Intelligent Music by this master from Serbia, will warm you in cold evenings, take on an interesting journey, return to the "golden era" and a bit nostalgic memories... @okee @okee-music Tracklist: 01. Queen - Mings Theme (In The Court Of Ming) ['Flash Gordon' O.S.T., EMI Music 1980] 02. Aural Imbalance - Fibre Optic (Orange n Blue 'Interplanetary' Remix) ['Fibre Optic' EP, Cadence Recordings 2013] 03. Orange n Blue - Atlantic Sunset ['Tears All Over You' EP, Cadence Recordings 2013] 04. Aural Imbalance - Rain On Sullust [Cadence Recordings 1999] 05. Aural Imbalance - Room 2 Breathe (feat. Rhys Davies) ['Legacy' LP, Cadence Recordings 2012] 06. Aural Imbalance - Icefields Of Proxima ['Legacy' LP, Cadence Recordings 2012] 07. Rainforest - Moon Gazing ['Optics' EP, Cadence Recordings 2014] 08. Kosmonaut - Cloud Stairway ['Astral Equations' EP, Mastik Netlabel 2013] 09. Okee - Astral Sunset [Unreleased] 10. Okee - Red Earth [Unreleased]
14 December 2015
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