Tracklist/Description: Where and how was the podcast recorded? Mazzomba: The podcast was recorded at home on a snowy winter day on 2 technics and scrappy cdj. Your favorite release of the month? Mazzomba: Favourite release will be our new pusic one in two weeks for shure but also really like the new Nathan Melja on Mister Saturday Night Records. Your plans for the nearest future? Mazzomba: Plans for the near future are two shows in the UK (London & Leicester) in April. Do some small rearrangement in the new homestudio and finally start again working on some new stuff. How do you spend your free time? Mazzomba: I spent almost my complete free time here in the mountains with snowboarding, ski touring & climbing. Also do a lot of travelling in summer with my girl and last but not least the label, although it's really small one, is a lot of work to run when it comes to the releases.
01 March 2016
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